Melk Abbey, towering over the city on the rock, is the destination of hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the globe each year. At the foot of the world-famous Benedictine abbey, visitors discover another treasure of cultural history: the city of Melk, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site.

Visiting the city of Melk is like opening the pages of a richly illustrated history book. The side-streets and squares of the old centre of town bring to life over 1,000 years of history. The “most splendid post house in Austria”, the old city towers, the Gothic parish church, the “Cottageviertel” featuring the famous Villa Loos, and the countless Burgher houses are among the attractions found in the historic centre. Now the four themed routes offer another way for visitors to explore and experience first-hand the town’s rich cultural heritage and unique atmosphere.

Melk’s reputation for exquisite cultural events has long since travelled beyond the borders of the region. The finest musicians from all over the globe perform at Melk Abbey during the International Baroque Days over the Whitsun weekend in spring. The Melk Summer Festival, held each year at the Wachauarena, features high-brow theatre productions and hilarious variety shows. Cabaret and other small-scale performances are offered at the Tischlerei Melk cultural centre in the heart of town. With the colourful and funny carnival parade, the culinary delights of the Melker Höfefest in summer, as well as the magical mood of the Christmas market and the lively New Year’s Eve festivities on the main square, the World Heritage Site of Melk features a rich variety of events, making a visit worthwhile the year round.

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